I hope you are nicely bundled up with a cup of tea or coffee because we are going to have some fun chat about Altenew’s Crisp Dye Inks! Before we get into other details, let’s start with a video. It is filled with information, tips, and tricks, so sit back and relax to have some quality time with me. Shall we start?

As you already know, the Crisp Dye Inks come in two different sizes; Oval Ink Pads and Mini Ink Cubes. Both of these are great for different uses.


Oval Ink Pads are great for overall stamping and large stamp images, especially the solid ones! These have some grooves on top and bottom portion of the pads so you can easily grab the lids to lift them off to reveal the ink pads. They also stack up nicely! If you love working with larger images and stamp often, these full sized ink pads are perfect for you.


Mini Ink Cubes are great if you need some space friendly ink pads and if you are looking for portability. You can pack these babies up and take them with you anywhere you go! These mini cube ones go with me on different trips so I can still stamp and color. They are light and perfect for small/medium images.

One of the things I love about Altenew’s Crisp Dye Inks is that they are water based. This means that you have a bit more flexibility when it comes to techniques – you can easily watercolor with them, you can create a bleached water splatter look on an ink blended background, and so much more!


This one is one of my previous projects, called faux watercolor stamping. I used some clean water with the Crisp Dye Inks. You can check out more details on this project here. It is so easy and simple to do with these ink pads.


This is another one I created using the Crisp Dye Inks to create a warm, ink blended background with a bleached look! You can see more details here.


And of course, these are great for layering images because the 4 shades in each color family perfectly coordinate each other! These takeout color guessing games and save you a lot of time when crafting. Keep in mind that you can mix and match any of the colors from existing color families to create your own layering results. You can use them along with the available layering guides for easy and simple stamp layering experience.


And who is excited about these Re-inkers? (I know I am!) These are great companions for the Crisp Dye Inks, whether you are looking to give a new life to your dried ink pads or if you are wanting to do some fun techniques. Watch the video above to see how you can ink up your ink pads to freshen them up. You can easily add few drops of these mixed with some clean water in a mist sprayer to create your own mist as well!

Did you know that Altenew offers Full Color Chart and Ink Pad Swatches? These are great companions to these inks and re-inkers:


That wraps up today’s video and focus post – was it helpful? I hope you were able to enjoy them and learn something new about the Crisp Dye Inks and other related products. Got questions? Leave them below and I’d be happy to answer them for you!