Hello! Tasnim here, and today I will be giving you a closer look at our Engineers Rule Stamp Set.


Design Inspiration: 

Ever since we released Doctors Rule back in January 2015, I knew Engineers Rule was well due. We tried to include images that can be related to a variety of engineering disciplines. The sentiments in this set are well in line with the title of the set “Engineers Rule”, praising engineers for their awesomeness ;) and don’t you just love those cute little ninjas? They make me want to design a ninja set!

Project Ideas:

I made a few simple one-layer cards using this stamp set.

I like it when all you have to do is stamp, stamp, stamp, and you are done! You may add a few lightly colored images in the background for depth or some shadow lines below the tank so it doesn’t look like it is floating in air, however being the lazy me, I decided to leave it at that :)

Here I put together a few tools that a civil engineer may use, and of course I had to have the yellow hard hat in there. My father in-law is a civil engineer, but I am not sure I should be sending him a card referring to him as a ‘deadly ninja’! Even though it makes me laugh every time I read it.

There is a little story behind the “and duct tape” in the sentiment above. In my senior year of college in mechanical engineering, my team and I had to design and build a system for harvesting rain water. I remember being worried about not finishing the building process on time. One of my teammates then reassured me by saying “Don’t worry, I got it all together, and in case things fall apart, we always have duct tape”.

I think this is true for creative people in general, not just engineers. Do let me know in the comments below if you can relate to this :)

An abstract plant in the background and our “deadly ninja” is just chilling there on their laptop. I trimmed and popped the ninja up. Perhaps he is sitting atop the column or perhaps he is floating in mid-air defying gravity.

I think this sentiment is sweet and you could send this card to just about anyone dear to you. Look at how beautifully the coordinating die cut around the circuit!

Last but not least, here is a ‘high-tech’ birthday card to all the electrical/software/computer engineers out there, or anyone who can relate to binary numbers :) In case you didn’t already figure it out, the binary code above says “happy birthday!”.

I hope you found some inspiration today. And you weren’t too bored by my super simple cards! I would love to see what you make with this set! So make sure to add your projects to our flickr gallery and tag Altenew wherever you post your projects.

Have a great day!