Hello everyone! Svitlana is here. Today I want to share a bit unusual project, which is not technically a card … well, it’s not a card at all :) I’m sharing an idea of how Space Travel Stamp Set can be used. This stamp set includes images of all planets of Solar System and the Sun. And what is also great about the set is that it has names for all objects. And when I first saw this set I though – hm.. it can be great to make learning flash cards. Finally I came to realizing that idea.

The planet stamps are pretty realistic and I believe can be totally used for this purpose. Flash cards can be used for fun as a game or as a part of homeschool learning.

Solar System Flash cards using Altenew Space Travel Stamp Set. Project by @craftwalks

Technically these cards are not very difficult to make.  First I cut 10 cards of 2.5×3.5″ out of Solar White Cardstock. Then I stamped each planet and its name onto one card, stamping names in black and planets using Crisp Dye Inks (I was choosing colors close to the planets colors, if it make sense). After that I colored all planets using alcohol markers. I know Pluto is not a planet anymore. But I grew up considering that it is. It’s so small and adorable, I feel pity for it so decided to make a card for it as well.

Solar System Flash cards using Altenew Space Travel Stamp Set. Project by @craftwalks

Now I need to apologize to those of you who do home schooling with your kids. Maybe my view of using these cards will sound like nonsence for you. I don’t have experience with kids in general as well as teaching them. My only teaching experience was computer science classes back when I was in grad school and my students were college juniors.

So here is as I see you can use them. First of course a kid should go through these cards learning planets name and appearance. Then you can cover a planet name and ask to tell it by its appearance. Or cover a planet and ask to describe it by its name.

You can print out and adhere some fun facts about the planets onto the back side of the cards. Like what is a planet number from the Sun, its size, color, is it rocky or gas planet, how many moons it has, where its name came from etc. The facts list and  language can differ depending on age of a child they’re made for.

You can also make coloring cards by stamping the planets and their names on blank cards for your child to color them. I made a set of such cards stamped onto a watercolor paper with waterproof ink.

Solar System Flash cards using Altenew Space Travel Stamp Set. Project by @craftwalks

You can also make such card set with your kid as a handmade present for someone. I think it should be fun too :)

I hope you liked my idea of a bit different use of Altenew Space Travel Stamp Set.