Hello friends, Norine here and I’m back with you today with some cards to showcase the gorgeous (and recently released) Inked Rose Stamp Set and a very cool discovery I made!

In the process of learning the limits of this technique, I ended up with 5 card fronts that I could make into a card. I started by stamping the bloom and leaves of the Inked Rose Stamp Set onto vellum with embossing ink and heat embossing it with either white or black ink and clear embossing powder.


When heating vellum, it’s important to let your heat tool warm up significantly before taking it to the paper, and then constantly moving the heat tool to allow the embossing powder to melt as quickly as possible without the paper warping a lot.

A heat embossed image is critical to this technique as the embossed lines form a kind of wall that contains the alcohol ink and doesn’t allow it to run everywhere, and one with larger openings is preferable to allow the ink to flow and blend.

After heat embossing the vellum, I selected three or four different shades of green Artist Marker Refills colors and 3 shades of red/coral. My favorite leaf combinations were Frayed Leaf, Forest Glades, Evergreen and Ocean Waves and for the roses, I used Crimson, Velvet, and Rouge.

I then removed the tops of all the colors in one section (all the reds or all the greens) and began to gently tip the bottles over the openings in the designs until the smallest drop of alcohol ink dropped out onto the vellum.

Working quickly, I would dispense a single drop of Forest Glades into each leaf, then go back and quickly add a drop of Frayed Leaf, and then a drop of either Evergreen or Ocean Waves. Alcohol ink dries relatively quickly but not so quickly that adding colors into a single area didn’t allow them to blend. You could use a garbage paintbrush to move the colors, but I chose not to, preferring the “stained glass blend” instead.

I repeated this procedure for the bloom. The open areas on the bloom are smaller than the leaves but the ink still managed to flow and blend very nicely. I found that I didn’t want to tip the bottle upside down vertically as too large a drop would usually flow out. I had better control by just tipping the bottle sideways and gently shaking until one small drop could be persuaded to leave its happy home inside the bottle!

When, occasionally, (in the beginning when I was still learning) too much ink would flow out, I had a stack of Q-tips handy to soak up what overflowed the barriers of the heat embossed outlines. I also learned that a Q-Tip soaked in Alcohol Blending Solution (or Isopropyl Alcohol) would nicely erase color from areas where I didn’t want it, but that it was necessary to be careful not to rub the melted embossing powder as it could dissolve it.

Once the vellum card fronts were dry (in minutes, really), I laid them on top of a card base to determine where a sentiment best fit, and then stamped with black and heat embossed the sentiment directly onto the cardstock’s card base. The sentiments are still visible through the vellum but have a lovely subdued effect.

For the card above, I used a cotton pad to rub a blend of green inks all over the back side of the vellum, except for the back of the rose and stamped and heat embossed the sentiment on the front.

The style of the Inked Rose images provides large areas of inked/embossed edges where you can place small drops of liquid adhesive on the back, and they will remain hidden when the vellum is adhered to the card base.

I found the finished effect so striking that I did not want to add much more in the way of embellishment so I simply tied some black cotton thread or thin jute around the front of the card and tied it in a knot or a bow. Then a small number of enamel dots to draw the eye to the sentiment and these cards were finished!

I know I’m going to be doing this technique again soon, (I really want to try this with gold and silver embossed images) and I’d also love for you to give it a try! If you post your work on social media please tag me (@norinehope) so that I can see your beautiful creations! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


Inked Rose Stamp Set
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Ocean Waves Artist Marker Refill
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Crimson Artist Marker Refill
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Velvet Artist Marker Refill
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Rouge Artist Marker Refill
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